Find 5 Friday

  • I really liked Khaliah’s post from last week about her interests as a young student.  I wrote last week about the similarities that Ryan and I shared when we were young, and in reading about Khaliah’s connection to dancing, I was reminded of an idea from earlier in my academic career.  When we are young, we learn in all sorts of ways, through games, dance, or just playtime.  Recess is part of our early education.  As we get older, education happens more and more prominently using only our heads.  I think integrating more movement and activity into any classroom can be great for every type of teacher.
  • Obviously, I’m not the first or only one to think of a more active and engaging curriculum.  It looks like John Dewey beat me by a century or so.  I’ve seen others refer to the piece, and justifiably so, it’s a great read.  In his words, “The great thing to keep in mind, then, regarding the introduction into the school of various forms of active occupation, is that through them the entire spirit of the school is renewed.”
  • I really connected to Alexa’s post from last week.  I enjoyed reading about the awesome changes the Harry Potter Alliance have been able to accomplish and the student who was motivated to redesign a web browser and created Firefox, but I think Alexa hit on something more universal about connected learning.  Her love of theater and the ‘side effects’ of her involvement made her a better student and even today, performing arts continues to influence her life.  The big successes of interest based learning and connected learning are inspiring, but the everyday success and lifelong love that Alexa discussed are just as important.
  • Danielle’s post from last week opens with a quote that basically describes my own life… “So, did you always know you wanted to be a teacher?” Funny enough, my answer is a resounding, “No! I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life!” I really liked her thoughts on learning, and how her own experience as a student impacted the way she teaches today.
  • As a future math teacher, I loved this video.  There’s so many things that students find challenging about math, that too many teachers just lecture and lecture and lecture.  This type of activity allows students to ask questions and investigate and inquire in groups.  So much learning is about the process and the answer to a problem is just one small part.  Thanks to Holly and Ryan for sharing.
Find 5 Friday

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